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Each week, Actor Joe Pantoliano and his daughter filmmaker, Daniella Pantoliano have incredibly powerful conversations regarding Emotional Dis-Ease with high profile guests on their podcast, “No Kidding? Me Too!" These discussions provide a glimpse into the lives how we manage day to day challenges of everyday life. These Pair Of Pants have brought a new level of emotional intimacy to the podcast medium. In this conversation, Joe and Dani speak about their ongoing journey into the world of audio, why this project is so important to them, hopefully chipping away at the stigma shame that is often associated with the topic of emotional dis-ease.

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Cindy Hsu Anchor WCBS-TV
Daniella Pantoliano Co-Host "No Kidding? Me Too!" Podcast
Joey Pantoliano Co-Host No Kidding? Me Too! Podcast

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