Matt Pfaltzgraf

Matt Pfaltzgraf is the founder and CEO of Softgiving, a platform that offers full-service solutions to produce highly engaging live streams and fundraising campaigns.

Through innovative growth philanthropy, Matt and his team help bridge the gap between charities, influencers, brands, and the next generation of donors. Since 2015, Softgiving has facilitated more than 2,000 streams, raising $10 million total dollars for impactful causes.

Prior to founding Softgiving, Matt served as the director of regional payment at SHAZAM, a nationwide, member-owned debit network that supports community banks and credit unions.
Previously, he spent several years as a policy and financial consultant.

Matt credits a great part of his passion for entrepreneurship and community to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with which he was heavily involved throughout his youth. He remains involved in the organization and was recently featured in a national campaign.