Jose Molla

Jose made it a point to learn from the best.

He worked for five years alongside David Ratto, the “God” of Argentinean advertising. Under José's leadership, Ratto/BBDO won more national and international awards than any other Argentinean agency and was named "Agency of the Year.”

Jose won the local Nike business and after his first Nike campaign, he received an unexpected call from Dan Wieden. Following the “Just Do It” spirit, he accepted Dan’s invitation, moved to the US, and worked as an ECD of Nike at Wieden+Kennedy, mainly in Portland, Oregon, but also in the Amsterdam and London offices.

Jose then went on a bareboat trip through the Virgin islands, with his brother Joaquin, filled a sailboat with rum and came back with the idea of opening “The Community/La Comunidad” 21 years ago. With offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, Mexico, NYC and San Francisco, the agency’s work has been recognized with plenty of awards and named one of the top 10 agencies in the last 10 years by AdAge.