Holistic Analytics

Holistic Analytics helps companies understand the actual dollar value of the work different departments do and then works with those areas to optimise this value, company-wide. When it comes to marketing, this involves understanding the short-term, medium-term and long-term impacts of their marketing spend, alongside sponsorship and allowing the marketing team to present a true ROI for their work to the rest of the business. Helping them switch their interactions from talking about reach to talking about dollars delivered and elevating the marketing function within the business itself. At Holistic Analytics we are a technology agnostic company. We don't believe in black box solutions. What we do believe in is working with the client to help solve their problems, using systems they know and understand and then enabling them to own the solution going forward. Teaching and training their team to run the solution in the future, ensuring we aren't just embedding ourselves in a company solving the same problem again and again. We also understand that no part of a business is an island so we help businesses to build out analytics roadmaps that work across the business and measurement frameworks that help the business understand how each area impacts others. This allows for simple optimisation and makes budget allocation for businesses far simpler and more refined.


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