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Tasman Murray from Holistic Analytics will present a master class on how to succeed at cocktail parties as an average looking person that knows nobody there.

This story will take you through the journey every product and brand takes, showing you the pitfalls of normal attribution methods and outlining what companies should be doing to understand the total, long term impact of their advertising on their brand and overall sales as well as how to measure and optimise the impact of each channel. Focus on non-ecomm attribution

Many companies struggle to understand the full impact of what their marketing does. E-comm tends to focus on the shorter more direct impacts of marketing, Digital Attribution leads us down the traps of short-termism and MMM provides some answers but the sub-base generally provides more questions than answers.

This session will take you through non-ecommerce full funnel attribution. We will talk about how you can utilise consistent, long term metrics to fully understand the impact of your brand, when you should be in market to capture customers and how you can optimise all of this together to get the most out of your marketing and provide a true dollar outcome and ROI to your finance team, CFO and CEO.

All of this will be told through the analogy of an average looking person trying to find love and friendship at cocktail parties where they don't know anybody. Case studies and examples will be included, audience questions are welcome. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What does non-ecommerce full funnel attribution look like and how can it be done
  2. How can you understand the long term impact of your brand on sales
  3. Exploring how each channel impacts your business over multiple years rather than days
  4. Why cheese and good drinks are like reach and impressions
  5. How to succeed at cocktail parties

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Tasman Murray Managing Partner Holistic Analytics

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