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Powerful creativity stems from the orchestration of a cultural truth grounded in simplicity, boldness and perfect timing. In today’s complex, fast-paced world, finding that “magic mix” demands a new kind of client-agency relationship. The best work grows from fluid partnership built on mutual respect, trust, openness and shared motivation. In this session, Pepsi, Alma and VaynerMedia are pulling back the curtains on the “collaborativity” that helped manifest some of the brand’s best work in years.

In the 2021 #BetterWithPepsi campaign, Pepsi, Alma and VaynerMedia delivered visually delightful creative that has been lauded by the industry as “enchanting, “stunning,” and maybe even the brand’s best work in years. Tied to National Hamburger Day, they leaned into the truth that for over three decades, the top three U.S. burger chains have denied consumers the opportunity to enjoy their burgers the optimal way: with an ice-cold Pepsi.
The road to genius creativity is not what it seems. Together, these partners are rising above the tug o’ war in ideation, as comrades in “collaborativity.” View Less

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  1. Clients and agencies must break down traditional walls to foster faith that builds great work.
  2. Throughout the creative process, don’t get too precious on certain ideas. Sometimes, you have to make concessions.
  3. Collaborativity is the dynamic, iterative creative process that stems from mutual respect, trust, openness and shared motivation.

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Josh Golden CMO Quad
Todd Kaplan Vice President, Marketing - Pepsi PepsiCo Beverages North America
Luis Miguel Messianu Creative Chairman-CEO alma
Rob Lenois Chief Creative Officer VaynerMedia

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