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As consumers and governments around the world demand more action from companies in the face of climate change, brands are caught in the increasingly perilous position of wanting to communicate their efforts to fight climate change but being scared of accusations of greenwashing. And brands are right to be scared - the risk of backlash for missteps has never been greater. But for all the pressure on brands to step up their efforts, the rules and consumer expectations on what can be communicated and how has never been murkier. Come hear from experts on what your brand can do to avoid getting caught in the greenwash.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Greenwashing accusations are no longer limited to a specific product or service - they're increasingly about your company as a whole.
  2. Brands and agencies are being confronted with new challenges when it comes to not just improving their environmental footprint, but in communicating that transparently to customers.
  3. Increasingly, sustainability will be evaluated by regulators and consumers in the context of a brand's participation in the circular economy.

Presented with


Alison Pepper Executive Vice President, Government Relations 4As
Conny Braams Chief Digital & Marketing Officer Unilever
Marilla Perkins Sr Director Marketing and Strategic Comms Bolt Threads
Melissa Palmer EVP/CFO Butler/Till

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