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TikTok has completely remixed the world of sound, repositioning creativity, power, and distribution back into the hands of creators. Sound produces trends, and trends amplify culture. Join us as we explore how sounds have evolved from jingles, to sonic identities and new opportunities for creativity on TikTok. Rounding out this session, a fireside chat with Paul Hourician, TikTok Head of Music Operations UK and sound expert Cedric Engels, who are no strangers to speaking up about sound.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How TikTok's sound-first experience cuts through the noise of traditional advertising.
  2. The impact of sound and its ability to build community and connection.
  3. How brands should approach sound identity and the sonic opportunities on TikTok.

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Cedric Engels Co-Founder and CEO Sonhouse
Paul Hourican Head of Music Operations UK TikTok

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