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Stop talking at consumers, start listening to them!

Voice Ads enable exactly that - direct spoken conversation between brands and consumers in a screen-free environment.

Voice Ads are delivering impressive metrics with 10% engagement rates, 30% higher ad recall rates over audio ads, and purchase intent scores amplified by 27%.
Join Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Instreamatic, Roey Franco, VP, Product & Innovation at Xaxis, and Claire Fanning, VP Ad Innovation Strategy, SXM Media for this deep dive into interactive voice ads. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How brands can leverage current voice trends
  2. How to build a long-lasting relationship between a brand and consumers with Voice Ads
  3. How Voice Ads help to build data-driven campaigns and measure them in a way that befits consumer behaviour

Presented with


Stas Tushinskiy CEO and Co-Founder Instreamatic
Claire Fanning VP Ad Innovation Strategy SXM Media
Roey Franco VP, Product & Innovation Xaxis, GroupM
David Berkowitz Founder, Serial Marketer Serial Marketer

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Track  Ideas & Innovation