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Grilling is a universal lifestyle that crosses cultures, cuisines and communities - and legacy brand Weber has always been at the forefront of this space. With the pandemic upending Weber’s sales pipeline - an increase in traffic to ecommerce vs. retail - the brand had to rethink it’s digital strategy and invest heavily in analytics, while staying true to its brand ethos of community and discovery.

In this session, you will hear from Amy Pascal, VP/Head of Marketing for Weber U.S., alongside Michael Zlatoper, Managing Partner at Mekanism, as they discuss how community-focused storytelling, coupled with Weber’s investment in data and analytics, is bringing this legacy brand into the future while maintaining its heritage.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Holistic approach to digital strategy
  2. The future of analytics & e-commerce
  3. How to leverage community in brand storytelling

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Mike Zlatoper Managing Partner Mekanism
Amy Pascal Vice President, Head of U.S. Marketing & Brand Strategy Weber
Ryan Barwick Media and Advertising Reporter at Morning Brew, Writer for the Marketing Brew Newsletter Morning Brew

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