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At a point in time, digital currency in gaming was a throw to the coins that Mario collected from 8-bit question blocks. A few decades later, it’s so much more than that. 

Cryptocurrency has expanded at lightning (broadband) speed. And, amid this expansion, it’s become both a utility and enhancement in and around gaming. 

Our panel of industry-leading experts across exchanges, leagues / teams and competitive platforms will explore that continued convergence. They’ll discuss how continued innovation mixed with rapid growth of the gaming space enable broader, collaborative opportunities.  

They’ll also discuss the role brands can and should play, as part of this mix.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Ways cryptocurrency will continue to shape the gaming ecosystem… and of course, vice versa!
  2. Where cryptocurrency fits into the metaverse
  3. How brands can contribute to and maximize the continued growth and convergence of crypto, gaming and esports - especially in a post-COVID era of all-digital

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Angela Dalton Founder Signum Growth Capital
Chris Gonsalves CEO of Community Gaming
Jeff Eisenband Host / Broadcast Talent
Tyler Schrodt Founder Electronic Gaming Federation

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Event Type Session

Track  Gaming & Esports