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Building custom audiences, household level targeting, CTV, CPMs…oh my! TV is definitely having its digital moment. However, all of that excitement certainly brings its challenges. How can marketers embracing this moment break through hesitations many in traditional television pose - and perhaps more importantly - when will brands and agencies feel truly comfortable buying multi-screen television audiences.

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  1. TV is now a data-driven world, and increasingly digital: Discussions around traditional TV measurement and the challenges they face
  2. Proof is in the pudding – What are the proof-points clients need to see to adopt new strategies and/or share-shift.
  3. Adopting a CPM model to better stack TV campaign performance against other marketing endeavors
  4. When does the train leave the station? At what point will clients need to adopt or be left behind?
  5. Why Linear still matters a lot in TV’s digital moment

Presented with


Brad Stockton SVP, US National Video Innovation dentsu
Marion Hargett SVP, Agency Partnerships and National Sales Ampersand
Laura McElhinney Chief Data Officer Horizon Media
Mike Fisher VP, Advanced TV and Audio Essence Global

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Track  Moving TV Forward