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While marketers are keenly aware of the potential opportunities opened by the digitization of television, sorting through and staying on top of the changes in the market is challenging to say the least. Marketers need to take a broader perspective by considering what advertising will look like for all future TV and video.

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  1. How to reach an advertiser’s entire audience, even cord-cutters and cord-nevers
  2. How to understand where an advertiser’s efforts in linear TV, CTV, and digital video overlap
  3. The main creative, delivery, and measurement constraints and where they exist
  4. How to effectively compare digital TV to other digital channels—on targeting, measurement, ROAS/affordability, and more
  5. What to look for in a partner to execute digital campaigns in the new converged TV+Video market

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John Nardone President Mediaocean

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Track  Moving TV Forward