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Brands and agencies are embracing programmatic Digital out of home. Now schedules can be paused and pushed with great ease, as they are in all other digital media. Particularly helpful during the last 18 months programmatic digital out of home is being used increasing my brands and agency as it adds flexibility and agility to their planning processes. A panel of experts looks at the state of the art and what's next on the horizon.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How brands and agencies are using programmatic digital out of home
  2. What's need on both the publisher and demand side
  3. The future for programmatic digital out of home

Presented with


Barry Frey President & CEO DPAA Global
Lucy Markowitz Sr. VP, Head of US Sales Vistar Media
Lorenzo Papa CRO Captivate
Danielle Rind VP Digital Solutions Talon America

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Event Type Session

Track  Advances in AdTech