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Goodbye channel surfing, hello app scrolling. During the pandemic boom in streaming and smart TVs, Connected TV has gone from an emerging channel to a leading one. But the CTV space is crowded and complex, making it hard to target audiences with precision and to know if your performance is really moving the needle on business goals. Join in as leaders from Yahoo and Vizio talk up how advances in CTV planning, data, and measurement are helping advertisers make the most out of the medium to maximize reach and results.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to develop a best-in-class, full-funnel CTV strategy to reach your audience
  2. How to leverage the power of ACR data for improved reporting and measurement
  3. Tools and strategies to help you gain better insights and planning

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Beau Ordemann Head of Advanced TV Sales & Strategy Yahoo
Ken Norcross Senior Director, Data Strategy VIZIO
Lisa Herdman SVP/Executive Director, Strategic Investments RPA

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Event Type Session

Track  Advances in AdTech