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It’s time to move past TALKING about inclusive marketing, and start PRACTICING it. For the last 10+ years, the industry has offered little more than lip service on the topic of inclusive marketing. We’re here to hold ourselves - and each other - accountable to practicing what we preach; to centering diverse communities in all aspects of the work we create. Together, we can break the cycle of talk without action.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. That the responsibility to create more inclusive marketing lies with ALL the players within the advertising ecosystem
  2. Some of the things brands, agencies, and platforms are doing to better represent and connect with consumers from historically excluded communities
  3. Ways we can all hold ourselves accountable to ensuring this effort is long-lasting, and creates meaningful change

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God-is Rivera Global Director, Culture and Community Twitter
Barry Wade Managing Director Cultural Partnerships & Identity OMD
Imani Ellis Founder and CEO CultureCon and The Creative Collective NYC

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