Heiko Wenczel

Heiko Wenczel started as an architect for Mercedes Benz in 2004 with a focus on planning and

Targeting data models and processes for plant & product simulation, Heiko joined a team
focused on building the next generation configuration system for Mercedes passenger cars.
With  innovations in data management and configurable animations, Heiko joined Mackevision
as President and moved to Detroit in 2008 establishing Mackevision Corporation in the Motor
City. In that role he was driving the setup of several automotive creative content pipelines for
major automotive companies globally while building and supporting studios in the US and Asia.

After the acquisition by Accenture Interactive Heiko worked as a Managing Director on the
transfer of these technologies to all industry verticals.

Heiko joined Epic Games as an industry manager in 2019 to drive the development of the next
generation data and visualization platforms.