Ogury provides the most advanced Mobile Journey Marketing (MJM) Solution, where organizations can access the integrated data and technologies necessary to understand the mobile user journey, and market across it. It solves three critical problems that limit organizations’ effectiveness in their mobile strategy and execution: incomplete mobile user journey data, as organizations don’t see beyond their own apps, websites and ecosystem; poorly integrated consent, data, insights and activation platforms; and lack of transparency on user data collection and usage. Fueled by first-party mobile journey data, and powered by purpose-built AI technology, Ogury MJM solutions turn raw mobile journey signals into business results; user engagement on mobile, and revenue generation from mobile assets. In full compliance with GDPR, and with a sharp focus on operational simplicity, Ogury MJM solutions delivers unmatched user engagement and mobile asset revenue to 900 brands and 3500 publishers across the globe. Founded in 2014, Ogury has offices in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States. And we're just getting started. For more information, please visit www.ogury.com.


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