Karina Montgomery

Nothing drives more meaningful connections than the power of music. A 15-year marketing veteran, Pandora’s VP of Strategic Solutions, Karina Montgomery, is responsible for bringing to life scalable music experiences that create value for fans, artists and brands. As a pioneer in audio, digital, mobile and experiential marketing, Karina Montgomery leads a robust team that includes branded entertainment, sales strategy and project management and has developed countless successful brand integrations and partnerships with iconic brands including Ford, FedEx, T-Mobile and Gatorade/Propel.

The music landscape continues to evolve with new technologies that allow for different branded opportunities. Karina has played an integral role in launching several groundbreaking platforms for Pandora, including Pandora’s first live event series, Pandora Presents and Pandora’s first branded content platform, which positioned brand communities as a way to build a new audience, create engagement and establish a two-way dialogue between consumers and brands. By creating iconic music moments, Karina has helped brands not only create memorable connections with their audiences but also achieve their business objectives driving successful ROI.