Mike Monello

Mike Monello is a true pioneer when it comes to immersive storytelling and innovative marketing. In the late 1990s, Monello and his partners at Haxan Films created The Blair Witch Project, a story told across the burgeoning internet, a sci-fi channel pseudo-documentary, books, comics, games, and a feature film, which became a pop-culture touchstone and inspired legions of “found-footage” movies in its wake. It forever changed how fans engage with stories and how marketers approach the internet.

Inspired by the possibilities for engaging connected fan cultures and communities online, Monello co-founded Campfire in 2006. Campfire is now part of creative technology and VFX studio The Mill. Together, the team creates groundbreaking participatory stories and experiences for brands and entertainment franchises. Campfire has developed award-winning campaigns for Amazon, Netflix, USA, SyFy, Cinemax, HBO, National Geographic, Harley-Davidson, Infiniti, and more.