Josh Chasin

Josh Chasin joined comScore as Chief Research Officer in May 2007. Prior to that, he owned and operated a media research consultancy, Warp Speed Marketing, whose clients included Arbitron, Scarborough, comScore, Simmons, the Online Publishers Association, the Traffic Audit Bureau, and Project Apollo.

Josh is a market research and audience measurement veteran with more than 35 years of experience in all facets of design, development and implementation of syndicated and custom research. He has been involved in the executive management and oversight of audience measurement services for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, out-of-home, and the Internet. He spent 17 years at Arbitron, where he worked in the Statistical Services department and the Advertiser/Agency group before rising to Vice President, Marketing for New Ventures in 1993. He is a past president/CEO of the Simmons Market Research Bureau and of Northstar Interactive, a pioneering online research company.