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Similar to the parable of the blind men who all have differing description of an elephant, the marketing industry struggles to agree on the power of big data. Too focused on disparate interesting features, we collectively fail to see the complete picture. Expand beyond the limitations of current perception — learn how marketers can better serve consumers. We'll examine technological innovations to support matching and activation of advertiser first party proprietary data.

Dr. Phil Mui, an innovative industry leader, will lead the discussion on the need for connected data and a sum of all insights to allow marketers to gain a fully comprehensive view of consumers. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of what is necessary to create real engagement and give their customers an experience they love and want.

Previously, as group product manager of Google Analytics, Mui led the strategy formulation and execution of the world’s largest web analytics platform (used by over 10 million websites worldwide). Mui has also served in leadership roles at Oracle Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and Lycos Inc. He holds a Ph.D. (EECS) from MIT and a Masters (Management) from Oxford University where he was a Marshall Scholar. View Less

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Phil Mui CPO & Technology Officer Acxiom

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