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The premiere of a groundbreaking new survey of the digital audio space by Edison Research, featuring an all-star panel of experts from three of the largest online audio providers: Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn.

Internet Radio has been steadily growing for the past ten years, and Edison Research has tracked that growth for over a decade. Now, for the first time, Edison will be presenting the results of a landmark study devoted entirely to exploring the internet radio landscape in detail. This presentation will be the debut of The 2013 Internet Radio Study: The New MainStream.

This study shows that in 2013, for the first time, the majority of online Americans are listening to online radio, and the prevalence of online radio apps and services has actually increased the overall time spent listening to audio. The 2013 Internet Radio Study: The New MainStream will be presented by Edison Research President Larry Rosin, who has studied internet radio since its inception, and a panel of thinkers from some of internet radio\'s biggest names. View Less

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Brian Benedik VP Advertising Spotify
Larry Rosin President Edison Research
Rick Cotton Head of Global Advertising TuneIn
Steven Kritzman SVP Sales Pandora

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