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Join the industry’s top visionaries in a hard hitting, pull-no-punches examination into the business of marketing where they will discuss the truly foundational changes afoot. Gone are the days when a 2 percent response rate deserves an end zone victory dance. This is a Big Data, cross-channel, ROI-driven playing field that takes no prisoners. Participate and be the first to see how marketing will change forever.

Likes, tweets, opens, clicks and pins — there have never been more ways for brands and their agencies to engage with consumers. Yet the amount of wasted advertising has never been larger. With all these options, and a growing array of technology, why is it that we're wasting $200 billion globally? Acxiom’s answer: marketers and their tools are disconnected from the audiences they hope to reach.

During this session we will examine those structural disconnects that complicate marketers' lives and cause them to waste media investments; the inability to connect disparate data sets; difficulty deriving and connecting insights across those data sets; the impossibility of cohesively connecting; and activating insights across all channels. View Less

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Doug Ray President Carat Global
John Battelle CEO & Executive Chairman Federated Media Publishing
Scott Howe CEO Acxiom
Tim Cadogan CEO OpenX

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