In this session...

How to be disruptive in this new world through transformative ideas that translate into efficiency.

To survive turbulence, new procedures are needed to attract, develop, and retain markets.

We are at a turning point, a process of unavoidable change that forces us to decide whether to move forward or deteriorate over time, which implies seeking alternative strategies of anticipation, adaptation and resolution, that help navigate the present uncertainty.

In a world where people are exposed to more than 7,000 advertising stimuli a day, being able to stand out, be noticed and obtain the expected business results is becoming increasingly difficult.

What are we doing to be relevant? How do we grow our business and our brands in the face of disruption? What innovation will generate the most benefits? Are we really taking advantage of the virtual world? Does marketing ROI contribute to the business?

Successful brands identify and define new ways to detonate value by sharing relevant insights and information.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. To design brands and organizations that must anticipate and solve society's needs in a relevant, profitable and sustainable way.
  2. To change in the face of world and business challenges. Work differently to meet new people's needs.
  3. How to create new value for brands.

Presented with


Verónica Hernández-Aguilar CEO Ogilvy Mexico / Miami
François Bouyra CEO Alpura
Claudio Flores Thomas CEO Altazor Intelligence
Sergio López Executive President AVE

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Event Type Session

Track  Brands & Marketers