Ethel Gonzalez

Ethel has almost 5 years of experience in eCommerce operations within technology and innovation companies.
Since 2015, she has been part of 3M, currently as the CBG eCommerce Latin America Marketing Leader, in charge of the direction and execution of digital commerce efforts for the entire organization. Also, she has developed strategic plans from the perspective of
internal and external customers, creating new business opportunities.
Since last year, she is responsible for the areas of bCom & eCommerce, leading the implementation of processes
and useful tools for digital transformation. In her new role, she ensures that the digitalization metrics of digital equipment products are met for the preparation of the implementation; she is also part of the 3M Management Team.
She has a bachelor degree in Communication at Universidad del Valle de México and two
degrees at Tecnológico de Monterrey: one in StorySelling + Visual Thinking and other in