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Urbanization, smaller families, increased life expectancy, democracy and online connection. The last 50 years were extremely intense in Latin America. And now, we’re living on exciting times in which gender equality, mobile connection and social platforms are changing the way people think, buy and consume media in region. Meet the Always-on Consumers, understand why LATAM Leapfroggers boost the adoption of new technologies and discover how Undecipherable Consumers challenging the traditional mindset of advertisers.

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  1. You will get to know “Qué pasa en LATAM” by understanding the latest consumer trends uncovered from Facebook IQ’s data-driven trend spotting methodology.
  2. You will find out what are key drivers that are changing Latin American society.
  3. You will discover what’s coming next.

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Fabricio Fudissaku Insight Marketing Strategist, Facebook IQ Facebook

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