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In this session...

We will begin the session by giving a brief introduction to audio, emphasizing its importance today, audio trends and the times when the audience is most engaged to Spotify. We will also explain the impact and growth of podcasts.

After that we will have a panel moderated by the Head of Sales of Mexico - Diana Ramírez, where in the company of a podcaster and a brand, we will talk about audio consumption.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Give an introduction to the audience about the importance of audio nowadays in the world and on Spotify.
  2. Give an overview of Audio trends (Especially with Millennials).
  3. Explain the impact of Audio and podcasts and user behavior.

Presented with


Diana Ramirez Head of Advertising Spotify Mexico Spotify
Karla González Media & Digital Acceleration Director Heineken Mexico
Juan Esquivel Liquid Cleaners Category Manager Colgate
Carlos Puig Journalist

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Event Type Seminar