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Consumer marketing is undergoing a massive transformation. Upstart direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are challenging the status quo with strategies relying heavily on digital channels to package products and experiences that resonate with the consumers.

The DTC playbook over the past few years has disrupted dozens of categories from male grooming, mattress and makeups to tele-dentistry, genetic testing, rentals, and recruiting, and helped capture major market share away from iconic brands with decades of investment in traditional marketing and distribution channels.
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  1. What it takes to be successful in building direct-to-consumer relationships in the digital medium
  2. DTC strategies & tactics whether you are managing an upstart brand with the challenge of creating or breaking into a new category or an established brand seeking to defend and grow your business in the digital channel
  3. How to seek help from other DTC marketers and relevant industry groups to help navigate the dynamics of a quickly evolving medium

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Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer AcuityAds

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