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Join PRØHBTD and friends as they discuss emerging brands, health and lifestyle trends in the cannabis space.

Opening Remarks
Hear from Drake Sutton-Shearer, Founder and CEO of PRØHBTD, as he dives into the state of cannabis in 2019.

CBD and Family Health
Hear from Craig Binkley and Johan Bueno as they discuss health, wellness and how CBD has helped create immense positive personal change for Johan’s son. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The state of Cannabis in North America
  2. How Cannabis and CBD are unlocking a healthier world
  3. The emerging branded products opportunity

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Drake Sutton-Shearer CEO and Founder PRØHBTD
Craig Binkley President PRØworks
Johan Bueno Co-founder SIAM

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Event Type Seminar