Pepe Zaga

What do sexy lingerie and economic development have in common? Vicky Form. Using a sales model similar to Avon and Mary Kay, Vicky Form salespeople sell the company's lingerie, cosmetics, and clothes to their friends and neighbors. This model, along with provocative advertising, department store sales, and a growing chain of proprietary and franchised boutiques, has given Vicky Form nearly universal brand recognition in Mexico and has positioned Vicky Form as the national leader in lingerie sales. Despite its size and success, Vicky Form is still a family business and entrepreneur José "Pepe" Zaga Saba, is eager to improve margins and define growth strategy.

Eager to join his family's newly rebranded business, Pepe started working two hours a day immediately following his Bar Mitzvah. By his seventeenth birthday, Pepe recognized the retail possibilities of Vicky Form and convinced the older generation of company leaders to launch a direct sales model similar to Avon. In 1999 two small distribution centers were opened to supply salespeople with stock. Pepe also launched a racy and memorable advertising campaign, which created controversy but transformed Vicky Form into a sought-after brand.

Pepe's creative direction has continued to drive Vicky Form's performance. After graduating from the Iberoamericana University, he went on to work at Vicky Form as Commercial Director. He spearheaded the company's expansion into clothing and cosmetics. The company soon launched boutiques and increased sales.

Vicky Form may be large, but there are tremendous growth opportunities ahead!