Naxla Mina

Naxla is responsible for all digital and online marketing communication for Xbox in Latin America including, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well of esports, events, and PR. As PR Lead, Naxla is also in charge of public relation management across the region, communication strategies, crisis management, regional partnerships with major brands as well as for the organization of major events including Brazil Game Show and Mexico Fan Fest and launching major 1pp titles such as Gears of War 4, Forza Horitzon 3, among many others and introducing key Xbox family members to the region like Kinect and Xbox One family of devices.

Naxla developed the Xbox Advocates program in the region, as well as specific plans for digital channels based on marketing opportunities to drive customer engagement metrics with paid, partnered, own and earned engines to help achieve Retail Marketing principles.

Before joining Xbox, she worked at PR Agencies (Edleman and Alterpraxis) in the development and implementation of communication and PR campaigns for UNICEF, Masterfoods, Windows Vista, NIKE, Guess Watches and Guess Clothing, LeapFrog Toys, New York Life Insurances, Sesame Street TV Show by managing all the new consumer and branding practice.

Naxla holds a BS in International Relationships by Anáhuac University and a Master in Internet Business.