Álvaro Rattinger

Álvaro Rattinger is one of the top experts in branding, passionate about new trends in online marketing and a fervent follower of social networks. This Mexican living in the United States has much to talk about the new trends that move the masses, communications, and social networks. Director of Operations of Kaätedra, publisher of Merca2.0 magazine, leader in the field of Marketing and Advertising, Álvaro Rattinger is, currently president of the New ventures media committee and weekly collaborator of Radiofórmula, in addition to directing some of the Internet sites most important within the subject as mercablog.com, haznoticia.com or productopolis.com. Likewise, Álvaro Rattinger has participated in the design of newsletters Zebra and Aerodpote as well as Segment or Merca 2.0 magazines. Graduated in Business Administration from ITAM, his training in print production, graphic design and editorial marketing has been developed mainly in the New York City. As Director of Operations at Kätedra, Álvaro Rattinger has developed and produced events such as "Merca Kids" or "Branding Shows" and has actively participated in the production of seminars attended by internationally renowned authors such as Don Peppers. Expert speaker, Álvaro Rattinger gives lectures throughout Latin America, sharing with the audience the new market trends, with special emphasis on social networks and marketing