Carlo Ledezma

Carlo Ledezma has a B.A. in Economics, graduating with honors. He subsequently pursued postgraduate studies and conducted research at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles,) Cal-State, Los Angeles (California State University, Los Angeles), Stanford University and Harvard University. In addition, he obtained two Master´s degrees: An M.A. in Public Administration and Public Policies from Mexico´s Monterrey Tech (Tec de Monterrey) and an MBA from the IPADE, Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas (Pan American Institute for Corporate Management.)

Carlo’s 14 years’ experience in such areas as international trade, marketing and customer service, greatly contributed to increasing binational trade between the United States and Mexico through his work in institutions like the Bancomext Los Angeles branch, The United-States Mexico Chamber of Commerce and the American Express Company.

Carlo has fulfilled a variety of functions during his career with USANA México, including customer service, marketing, advertising and communications. Carlo began his career in USANA as a Call Center Representative. Today, as VP of Latin America, Carlo is in charge of the company’s business strategy for Mexico, Colombia and the United States’ Hispanic community, as well as the yearly budget’s return on investment and the creation and support of growth strategies for the company’s Independent Distributors.

Carlo, currently elected as Mexico´s Direct Selling Association (AMVD) Vice President for the period 2016-2017, also enjoys spending time with USANA’s Distributors, learning from them and teaching them alternative methods for expanding their businesses while at the same time developing valuable, permanent teamwork and goal fulfillment skills. His principal fields of interest are leadership and motivation, corporate culture in companies, history and business.