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Global marketers have always been faced with the challenge of balancing the intricacies of a local culture with unique consumer insights and needs versus building a consistent global brand equity and messaging. Today’s global marketplace, combined with consumers’ affinity and love for their local brands, makes this marketing opportunity even that much more complicated.

Join Nannette LaFond-Dufour, McCann Worldgroup’s Chief Client Officer, for a rich discussion on the opportunities and challenges, involved in creating global brands in today’s exciting marketplace.

A consumer research study conducted across the world, concludes people overwhelmingly see global brands as offering short-term positive economic benefits for their local economies. Contrarily, nearly half of those surveyed, fear that rapid globalization may undermine local culture and long-term economic prosperity. Herein lies the balancing act of building a global brand in today’s complex world.

If marketers can envision the world as the sum of many unique cultures, rather than as one consistent global market, studies show they can have greater success growing their brands. Identifying local consumer insights as well as embracing individual market uniqueness to appeal to local consumers is critical. Maintaining consistency as to how the brand shows up for sale, coupled with a universal big idea for the brand’s messaging are the key pillars for a brand’s identity. With this approach, global marketers can build strong brand equities in an efficient manner and drive sales worldwide, while appealing to local consumers. View Less

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Nannette Lafond-Dufour Chief Client Officer McCann Worldgroup
Alberto Bello Director Editorial Grupo Expansión

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