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2018 is being billed as the year we rethink preconceived and dated notions around age. With many media outlets and companies looking to become age-agnostic, there is a huge swell of opportunity for brands to truly lead the way.

McCann Worldgroup's latest regional report focuses on these cultural shifts occurring around how consumers perceive aging. This isn't a traditional 'aging' study that focuses on the 65+ audience, the Truth About Age is a piece of comprehensive global research that explores aging throughout the ages. The study sets to challenge traditional wisdom and stereotypes of aging and highlight the numerous opportunities for brands. Indeed, one of the core findings from the study highlights that aging isn't just for the old and living isn't just for the young. According to our data:

o People who fear death the most are in their 20s
o People who think about aging most are in their 30s
o People who worry least about aging are in their 70s

In order to play a meaningful role in people's lives, marketers must reflect this new reality. In Latin America, fewer than 3 in 10 believe that businesses understand the aging population and similarly only 1 in 3 in LATAM believe media or news organizations understand the aging population. We must rethink the rulebook with regards to the way brands approach age across the spectrum (not just when it comes to marketing to 'seniors').

About the research
The Truth about Age is our latest study created from our large-scale proprietary research. The study was completed in 2017 when we interviewed over 24,000 in 35 markets globally including the following LATAM markets: Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile. We also conducted a rich layer of qualitative research in these five markets and additionally Uruguay, Argentina, Honduras and Nicaragua to create an incredibly robust regional perspective about attitudes to aging in Latin America and beyond.

About McCann Truth Central
McCann Truth Central is McCann Worldgroup's proprietary research and thought-leadership unit. Over the last 5 years, we have interviewed more than 200,000 consumers globally in 50+ markets to produce definitive guides for marketers that delve into demographics, categories and regional opportunities. We have previously partnered with Advertising Week in New York to showcase the Truth about Affluence and the Truth about Politics at previous events.
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India Wooldridge SVP, Director McCann Truth Central
Josafat Solis Chief Strategy Officer MWG Latin American & Caribbean

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