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We know. Another session about gender diversity in the tech industry. We just rolled our eyes, too. But every other day we seem to scroll through our feeds and come across a story where gender disparity has sent some company’s PR team into a tailspin.

The technology, advertising and media sectors are some of the most powerful societal influencers in the world. We must rally together and use our global influence to enact meaningful and lasting change.

Because she deserves it.
Because he deserves it.
And because our future will be defined by it.

It is time for the industry heavyweights to come together, not just to discuss the issues, but align around common goals and do something that provides substantial and sustainable change.

Join us as we foray into gender pay equality, global funding and support for female entrepreneurs, policy changes, and, of course, technology advancements that enable scale. And then, well, maybe we won’t need this panel again next year.


Mao Herman LATAM Brand Manager iProspect
Marcus Dantas Founder and Leader STARTUP MEXICO
Claudia Contreras Marketing Director IM and CMO Samsung Electronics Mexico
Lorena Guilé Head of Social Responsibility Cinépolis
Ana Jimena Ramírez Co-founder and CEO Sersana
Sandra Rincón Head of Agency, Mexico Google
Úrsula Quijano Strategy Director Victoria147

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