Gareth Holmes

After a decade in the New Zealand military I joined the online industry when I co-founded the government & military supply company Tactical Solutions in New Zealand in 2000 which began as a online-only business; it is now the leading supplier of military and tactical products to Governments and Security Services throughout Australasia.
After moving to the UK in 2001 I first entered the world of online advertising in 2002 and have since worked across SEO, PPC, email, mobile, display, video, and audience technology.
I am the UK CEO for Swedish creative technology company Seenthis; we have built technology enabling the streaming of HD Video into media units using adaptive bitrate streaming. Requiring no integration this innovative method of delivering video creatives ensures near 100% starts on all videos whilst tailoring the delivery, and size of the data packages, to the consumers device ensuring nil buffering and seamless video delivery.