Liz Josefsberg

Liz worked for many years as the Director of Brand Advocacy for Weight Watchers, and eventually, she struck out on her own as a private coach and consultant. Today, she is a nationally-renowned wellness and weight-loss expert. Liz is best known for helping Jennifer Hudson lose weight and transform her life. She also helped Jessica Simpson shed over 50 pounds of baby weight (twice!). Other celebrity clients include Charles Barkley, Katie Couric, Suze Orman and Amber Riley. Now, Liz coaches both high-profile talent and everyday clients in all areas of weight loss, balance, and nutrition. An N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Exercise Specialist, Liz is deeply involved in helping companies develop wellness technology. She has consulted for LifeTime Fitness, Misfit Wearables, LEVL, LifeReimagined, Stash and more. She also worked with Turner Broadcast as they began creating a new digital television network focused on Health and Wellness.