Julia Parfitt

Julia joined Nexus Studios over twenty years ago and has since played a pivotal role in helping to realise its growth into new markets. In her early years she produced some of Nexus Studios’ most notable work, including the iconic and multi-award winning Honda ‘Grrrr’, alongside BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated directors Smith & Foukes. Julia went on to become Head of Production for almost a decade, overseeing the diverse creative output of the entire studio, ranging from high-profile films and commercials to ground-breaking XR experiences.

In more recent years, in the role of Executive Producer, Julia has established and nurtured long-standing relationships with leading global brands such as Headspace, Facebook, Ebay, Google and Duolingo. She produced the critically acclaimed Childish Gambino ‘Playmoji’ campaign with Google and a charming series of AR adapted children’s stories for Facebook Portal’s ‘Storytime’ platform.