OMNES MEDIA LLC is an online media, marketing and communication solutions provider, offers all the resources you need to share your story and promote your brand. OMNES Media is the developer of, a digital media and communications platform, offering a wide spectrum of multi-channel media services and connecting you with a large network of media industry professionals worldwide. In August 2020, OMNES launched, one of the first digital online platforms uniting all stakeholders from every nook and cranny of the advertising industry. All media outlets, including broadcast, print, online and OOH from all around the globe are invited to be part of our platform to showcase and promote their advertising spaces and solutions. We are here to help you widen your outreach to advertisers. Currently, OMNES Media in partnership with Sharjah Media City, are working to develop, an Influencer marketing hub that fosters collaborations between influencers, brands and society, become a driving force of Influencer marketing.


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