Frameplay is a global intrinsic in-game advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, California with global sales and development offices and teams supporting EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Frameplay enables game developers to place advertising easily and intrinsically within video game environments without interfering with or degrading the gameplay performance or experience.

Advertisers can access one of the world's most desirable audiences with intrinsic in-game advertising. Games provide scalable, diverse audiences who engage with quality, brand-safe content.

With Frameplay, brands can use measurement companies they trust like Google, Nielsen and Comscore. In addition, the advertiser only pays for viewable impressions with Frameplay. Frameplay also provides advanced game-centric viewability as we evaluate the quality of an impression based on a number of factors from the players perspective. For each advertisement displayed, Frameplay captures player view metrics and the data is aggregated into a single impression.

Frameplay values the content experience inside a game. This is why Frameplay provides intrinsic in-game creative guidance to advertisers so that the player experience inside a game is optimized relative to the brand placement.

Frameplay's goal is to bring games, gamers and advertisers closer together in a non intrusive and non invasive way. When implemented correctly, ads can become part of the game. We want to create a positive experience that players look forward to.


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