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Carat, Publicis-Poke, Magnite (formerly known as Rubicon) and Frameplay discuss strategies to reach video gamers, and the big opportunity is well beyond eSports. What innovation is here now to connect with gamers while they are playing 6 hours, 20 minutes weekly? Can you use programmatic buying approaches? What creative should be used? What measurement is needed? All of these questions and more will be answered by top video game advertising and programmatic experts.

Video gamers spend six hours, 20 minutes each week playing games according to Limelight Networks. Although gamers are very open to advertising according to a recent NewZoo study, while gamers are spending time playing video games, they do not appreciate the game being paused or disrupted with advertising content.

For advertisers and game developers the big opportunity is to connect with gamers while they are playing the game. Intrinsic in-game advertising are ads that are placed in strategic, relevant locations within the video game and are seen while the game is played. They do not disrupt the game.

The gaming audiences across all age groups is massive, much larger than the eSports audiences. In the US alone according to the ESA, "64% of U.S. adults and 70% of those under 18 regularly play video games."

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The gaming audience is as diverse as the human race. 64% of all US adults play video games.
  2. Brands are under spending in the video game advertising category.
  3. Advertising in eSports is not the same as advertising directly to gamers.
  4. Brands can have measurement they expect when leveraging intrinsic in-game advertising.
  5. Brands can leverage programmatic direct methods to buy intrinsic in-game advertising.
  6. Intrinsic in-game advertising reaches a scalable audience within quality content.
  7. The brand creative must speak to the gaming audience and the gaming content. Brands shouldn't use standard digital creative.

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Jonathon Troughton CEO and Founder Frameplay
Sarah Stringer SVP, Head of Innovation Carat
Matt Roberts Business Director Publicis-Poke
Tom Kershaw Chief Technology Officer Magnite

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