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With a dizzying amount of data available, shouldn’t it be easier than ever to reach, optimize, and measure against the, “Perfect Customer”? For some marketers, even with the most valuable data available, it’s still difficult to cut through the high-intensity noise to distinguish why those petabytes of data matter. The way to reach that signal requires a combination of effective data processing to “listen” to the data signals and data-driven storytelling that enables action.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The business impact of data-driven storytelling
  2. The six steps to construct a data-driven story
  3. Clear examples across verticals of different use cases for gathering and presenting compelling data.


Rohini Sen Head of Audience Science & Measurement, Managing Partner Wavemaker
Stuart Pennant Head of Data Integration, Engineering & Analytics Wavemaker
RJ Becker VP, Trading and Analytics Xaxis

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