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In a fall season like never before, entertainment pillars that were once guaranteed, such a Live Sports, News and Scripted programming, are now facing a different reality. However, there remains a constant: brand marketers still need to reach and engage with audiences where and how they are consuming content. CTV engagement is surging, so too is the consumption of premium music video.

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  1. The ways in which this year’s instability has accelerated trends in viewership and shifts in consumption that were already underway, and the inherent challenges marketers face because of this
  2. A deep dive on how today’s top artists rival major linear TV programming and how they compare in weekly TRPs to help you achieve incremental reach and efficiency
  3. A look into how advertisers can leverage the power of Vevo’s Primetime content to reach coveted audiences and “win the season”


Andrea Zapata VP, West Coast Sales Vevo

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