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As working parents juggle educating and entertaining their child(ren) while trying to WFH, they are reluctantly turning to screentime for support. One way parents are dealing with an increase in their child(ren)’s streaming habits is by consistently monitoring what they’re watching and joining them when they can. In this session, we’ll look at what increased levels of CTV usage in the US and Canada means for advertisers when "back to school" is uncertain.

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  1. How COVID-19 has impacted family screen time
  2. How advertisers can reach families as CTV usage increases
  3. Developments in CTV as it pertains to advertisers reaching families in the US and Canada

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Daniel Riddell CTO Kidoodle.TV
Susan Wu Director, Marketing Research PubMatic
Shai Samet Founder and President kidSAFE® Seal Program

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Track  Moving TV Forward