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In an era dominated by acute social consciousness (BLM, climate action, LGBTQ rights, education access, etc), making a positive impact in the world has become necessary - not just for individuals, but for brands and business, too. Social Impact is more than just a trendy catch phrase. It is also an essential part of doing business (and studies show, it's also great for the bottom line). In this session, Al Roker discusses social good marketing using a case study on a recent project benefiting veterans and first-responders.


Building trust and giving back are the key components of any social good campaign and a primary function of Al Roker’s production company, Al Roker Entertainment. Recently, the company produced “LIFE AID - A Story of Hope” which dealt with treating PTSD and preventing suicide among veterans and first-responders through a myriad of groundbreaking treatments. As paid, branded content (Cerner Corp), it achieved the goals of raising awareness for this cause. As storytelling, it approached the topic in a docu-style way to tell first-hand stories of despair, hope, and success. This session is a conversation between Al Roker, executive producer of the special, Erica Rubach, Co-Founder and VP of Emme Solutions, the agency responsible for developing the program, and Rick Angeli, the Producer of the special who employed a number of visionary storytelling methods to create this needed messaging. View Less

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  1. How social impact messaging is an essential part of doing business
  2. How to create social good programming that resonates and delivers audiences and consumers
  3. Which platforms work best for your company's branded content initiatives
  4. How Al Roker built a successful business on trust


Al Roker CEO Al Roker Entertainment
Erica Rubach Co-Founder/VP Emme Solutions
Rick Angeli Executive Producer Al Roker Entertainment

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