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The advertising industry is being upended. Driven partly by consumers’ demand for increased transparency around how their data is used, new policies are now in play that are forcing businesses to adapt by prioritizing privacy, but without diminishing personalization. Meanwhile, brands and publishers are scrambling to adapt to ever-evolving policy and regulation, as well as consumer needs and challenges brought on with unprecedented global disruption.

This convergence of forces has given rise to an identity crisis that will forever change the way we approach advertising.

Join Bob Lord, Rand Harbert, Kirk McDonald and Linda Yaccarino as they discuss what we can learn from the shortfalls of the Programmatic Era and how we can go forward in a technologically open way that rises all tides.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The role that AI can and should play in the next era of digital marketing to solve our industry's greatest challenges.
  2. The importance of establishing AI standards as well as a commitment to innovation and open technology that is privacy-first, personalized and scalable.
  3. The need for leadership that is committed to working across our industry to champion AI and other new technologies to drive change.

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Rand Harbert Executive Vice President and Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer State Farm
Bob Lord Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications, Blockchain and Ecosystems IBM
Kirk McDonald CEO GroupM North America
Linda Yaccarino Chairman, Advertising and Partnerships NBCUniversal

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