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The marketing and advertising industries have their finger on the pulse is happening in our culture. The onset of a global pandemic changed the needs, habits, and behaviors of consumers practically overnight. In addition to the abrupt changes of day-to-day reality regarding health concerns and new societal norms, all lines of business were forced to reassess plans for 2020 as ad spends and strategies were pulled back (or bulked up) and tonality was retooled.

Verticals known to be heavy-hitters – like automotive and airline – grinded to a halt while hospitals, healthcare, online gaming, and food service delivery found themselves increasing their ad spends and scrambling to keep up with customer demand. The marketing and advertising industries were forced to quickly pivot along with the changes and called upon to help navigate organizations and brands through the current climate as well as strategically lead them into a still undetermined future.
This discussion, moderated by NYI CEO, Ed Renicker, will highlight the business verticals that now find themselves out in front, the lines of business working their way back, and the industries that remain on pause, while also exploring the role that marketers and advertisers play in the future of the industry and the potential impact that it will have on the national and global economy.
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  1. - Review business verticals that were positively impacted those that endured setbacks (and discuss how they’re working their way back)
  2. - Explore the role that New York marketers and advertisers play in the future of the industry and the economy
  3. - Discuss how media buying and planning ad spends pivoted in 2020 and the new findings that are being applied to strategies for 2021

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Ed Renicker CEO New York Interconnect
Stephanie Sherman Senior Vice President, Marketing Draft Kings
Ramon Soto SVP Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Northwell Health
Ken McCallum VP Media Director - Automotive Mediahub Global

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