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Recent world events have made it imperative that brands act with purpose, agility and empathy in order to build brand preference and loyalty. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done given today’s complex and murky advertising ecosystem. That’s why, in the midst of the pandemic, IBM launched Call for Creative, an initiative that offered brands free use of their Advertising Accelerator with Watson solution to build “creative for good.”

Accelerator uses AI to help brands predict and continuously learn which creative elements will resonate based on countless data signals to ensure a relevant ad is served.

Join Randi Stipes, CMO IBM Watson Advertising and Weather; Developer Ecosystem Group as she hosts an intimate roundtable with CMOs from participating brands to discuss the increasingly important role AI will play in both the advertising industry as a whole and in re-establishing trust with consumers.
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  1. Hear how leading brands are navigating shifts in consumer behavior and addressing today's social challenges.
  2. Learn how AI can help brands strengthen consumer engagement and trust.
  3. Uncover how AI, data and other technologies will play an essential role in the next era of digital marketing.

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Randi Stipes Chief Marketing Officer IBM Watson Advertising and Weather; Developer Ecosystem Group
Zena Arnold Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Kimberly Clark
Anne Deo SVP Ad Council
Eric Hadley EVP iHeart

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